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Imodium/loperamide story in and on the news

Hi — Yeah, it’s me. I’m still here. For those of you who may have missed the story on CNY Central, my real name is Kate and I am an addict. (Hi Kate.) Yep, I’m busted. I’m fat and on … Continue reading

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Addicts turning to Imodium/Loperamide – 10 Things You Need To Know

Since the news story about Loperamide Abuse broke last week, based on a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, I’ve seen a bit of disinformation spreading around. Lots of misinformed comments on the news articles. There are many … Continue reading

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Separating Church and State

A heads-up for my regular readers: the Sobrietyland site is reorganizing in the coming days. Because the Loperamide health crisis is starting to break in the news, and I will be interviewed as part of it, I’m redacting a lot … Continue reading

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Loperamide Abuse in the News

Bad title, good article. You’ll be hearing a lot more buzz about this very soon. —————— Imodium® For A Legal High Is As Dumb And Dangerous As It Sounds WASHINGTON —The over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medication Imodium®, or its key ingredient loperamide, … Continue reading

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Tis the season for freshly-published Loperamide articles!

———————————————————————————————— Loperamide Abuse Associated With Cardiac Dysrhythmia and Death William Eggleston, PharmD a; Kenneth H. Clark, MD b; Jeanna M. Marraffa, PharmD, DABAT c a Upstate New York Poison Center, Syracuse, NY; b Onondaga County Office of the Medical Examiner, … Continue reading

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