Another tragic death from Loperamide Overdose

evanbrownfbThese stories float by my mailbox so often and haunt my thoughts like ghosts. So many have died from this, and the worst tragedy is the number of people who dismiss it.

This young man, Evan Brown, of Oregon, studied computer science. He had a beautiful girlfriend. And a family who loved him. He liked music and had fun with his friends. Then one day, he died. Among the many victims of our nation’s drug abuse crisis — and as in so many cases lately, he died from a loperamide addiction.

Like many, Evan started using Loperamide to help his withdrawal from opiates. And like so many, he became addicted to it, eventually losing his life to it.

His family adds:

“This was a tragic accident, he was trying as best as he could to live a clean life for those he loved most…. Evan’s family would like you to please think twice before trying anything on your own, and to seek professional help, if you are struggling with any addiction, not the internet! You have family and friends who love you no matter what.”

My deepest sympathies go out to Evan’s family. Nobody should have to go through this. Nobody. Now that Loperamide Abuse is getting the attention it needs from the scientific community, the press, and now the FDA, perhaps we can agree to treat these patients with the dignity they deserve as humans on this earth.


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Nursing student, Mac nerd, medical 'genius', recovering addict, singer, ex-actor, and all-around swell egg. Really!
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