FW: Condemnation, or Compassion?


Pastor Sam, of Rome’s First Presbyterian Church, is one of the coolest people I know here in Rome. Wise and compassionate, he wrote this terrific blog post regarding a recent tragedy to befall our city — not far, in fact, from where I used to live. A state trooper headed home after a long day at work with his 4-month-old son in the child seat in the back of the car. The man forgot, and went inside; sadly, the infant was dead by the time he remembered the child was still in the car.

These things happen. They are accidents — cold and cruel — but still accidents. Yet people comment shameful cruelties from the safety of their computer keyboards and are fast to judge! Don’t you think that man is wracked with grief now? Do we really need to plan his lynching before all the facts are in?

It reminds me of all the negativity surrounding people with addiction problems. Especially from those in the medical community (surprise!) as well as those in government. Don’t get me wrong — addicts can be a pain in the ass — demanding, selfish, fussy assholes. But that doesn’t mean that those with such problems don’t warrant compassionate care rather than further criminalization.

Sam’s blog, while not about addiction, is well worth the read.

To quote Sam:

“But condemnation will not heal. Condemnation will not bring the dead back to life. Condemnation will only divide people. We need compassion. Compassion understands that we are all human, that we can identify with the mistakes of another person, even when it horrifies us to imagine ourselves in that same position. “

PLEASE READ: Source: Condemnation, or Compassion?


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