Have you missed my personal posts?

Dear Sobrietyland Readers:

I’m so sorry if it seems as if I have been ignoring you. I have been away handling a LOT (A LOT!) of crappy life things. Did I mention there have been a lot of them?

No, I’m not on opiates nor loperamide again. No I’m not dead. I’m still here, just dealing with a lot of shit.

Due to matters regarding my lack of personal privacy (many people I know are aware of this site now), I have not been able to write about my personal life here with the grand-scale raw honesty like I used to. I had to suffocate all personal posts to prevent embarrassment for myself and those I care about.

However, I think that raw honesty is what has kept me sane for a long time. It lets me work out my issues in a way that nothing else quite fulfills. So I started another blog to pour out my thoughts on virtual paper.

If you would like access to read my personal journal, please email me (capathy at me dot com) and I’ll pass along the new address so you can keep up with my personal adventures.

I will continue to maintain this site as well from time to time as it still remains an important resource for those fighting addiction and in disseminating important loperamide information.

Thank you!


About madmargaret

Nursing student, Mac nerd, medical 'genius', recovering addict, singer, ex-actor, and all-around swell egg. Really!
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