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Loperamide In the News… The Atlantic: Addicts Who Can’t Get Opioids Are Overdosing on a Diarrhea Drug

Loperamide is back in the news! This time it’s in The Atlantic, on Fox News, and in a few other locations. Apologies for not keeping up. School is sucking up all my free time (when I’m not sleeping, that is). … Continue reading

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The Pressure Cooker

Ah, the end of the semester has arrived. In less than a month, final exams will be over and this school year will be past. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. This past week, New York State became the … Continue reading

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Truth or Consequences

One of the hardest things to deal with in recovery is watching someone you love relapse. Even harder is when that relapse leads to something worse. In 12-step programs, you will often hear the following: “We are people in the … Continue reading

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What to do when a relative or friend is a recovering addict

I’ve been clean for a long, long time now. My DOC (drug of choice), Vicodin, is a distant memory now, but I will admit there are days when my resolve¬†weakens. My mind drifts and I fantasize about how good it … Continue reading

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