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Nursing student, Mac nerd, medical 'genius', recovering addict, singer, ex-actor, and all-around swell egg. Really!

Opportunity to help

Hi Folks Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been studying hard and trying not to fail in Nursing School — I’m in the middle of prepping for finals now, and it’s a bear. If you or someone you love … Continue reading

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Survived first semester of Nursing School

You always know it’s going to be difficult, but people are rarely prepared for exactly how difficult it will be — or in what form that difficulty will take. I am talking about Nursing School: the most notoriously challenging (yet … Continue reading

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CHPA Loperamide Addiction Site

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association has released their site regarding Loperamide Addiction: My deepest thanks to the kind folks at the CHPA who invited me in to help develop this informative campaign so we can better get the word … Continue reading

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Nursing School Begins

I am not an ordinary student. It’s funny how people react to me in Nursing School. At 50-years-old, I am what is commonly referred to as a “returning adult student” or, sometimes, a “non-traditional student.” Yale’s euphemism for us is … Continue reading

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Economy-Sized Loperamide Being Phased Out

I recently noticed that our local Walmart has clearanced out their large quantity loperamide bottles (their 200-count size bottles). Right now, the max quantity available is 48. When I asked management why there has been a change, they said they … Continue reading

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Advocacy and Updates

Hello everyone! I have returned from a conference at Georgetown U. regarding the Loperamide issue. It was an incredible experience to discuss the issue and review current research with some of the top brains from around the country including representatives … Continue reading

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