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Lebensunwertes Leben

I just had a rather heated discussion with a now former friend on facebook regarding their opinion that addiction is a choice, not a disease. I welcome anyone who is judgmental of me and of other addicts, and feels that … Continue reading

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FDA Recommends Limiting Loperamide Quantities

The FDA has recommended that loperamide (brand name: Imodium) be sold in limited quantity and in blister packs in the hope that such a move will stifle the growing problem of addicts abusing the drug. If the manufacturers agree, it’s … Continue reading

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Thinking Fast and Slow

On Facebook this morning, I ran across a recommendation by ZDoggMD (government name: Dr. Zubun¬†Damania) — a book called “Thinking Fast and Slow” by¬†From Daniel Kahneman. This piqued my interest for a couple of reasons. First, Kahneman, despite being a … Continue reading

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