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  1. Katie Giordano says:

    Have been reading your blog
    Great stuff very helpful but now I’m going to put a monkey wrench in the mix. Hope you can give some guidance
    Son was on heroine, used loperamide to get off. Worked. Starting with 100 pills then got down to 35 every 20 hrs.
    Could not go any less than 35 pills. He purchased ibogaine and treated himself. Did not work and 14 hrs. Later went into sever withdrawal. For two days we went through hell with him. All the usual systems along with yelling and screaming, scared the shit out of me and my husband. Took him to a detox place and they would not treat him. They thought he was a mental case. Hell for sure.
    We had to start him on lope again.
    This started to work so he could get sleep. He was up for 3 days straight. As he was coming out of it, his speech was garbled. We were and are afraid of brain damage.
    24 hrs later he is speaking better but is only 25% back. Still slight withdrawal.
    He should have gone to a facility to use the ibogain. But he always knows best!!!

    So here are my questions if you can give me your opinion please.
    1. Is the fogginess and slight withdrawal symptoms usual?
    2. We now want to send him for 30days to a detox place but he needs to get stabilized first and we want to be sure the facility understands about loperamide. He wants to get clean but how long should we wait till he does this the old fashioned way considering what he just went through?
    3. We are so afraid between taking ibogaine and sever 2 day withdrawal he did irreversible damage to himself. Your thoughts please.
    Scared mother

    • madmargaret says:

      Hi! – I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! I somehow missed your comment and hope I can help even though it’s been a while. Ibogaine is a very dangerous treatment to attempt yourself. As far as the loperamide goes, sometimes you reach a plateau that you need to remain at before attempting to reduce again. Honestly, the best thing to do is get medical treatment. You can bring copies of the medical articles I refer to on this site as reference for the doctors regarding loperamide, or you can have them call the Upstate Poison Control Center at 1 (800) 222-1222 and tell them he’s on loperamide. Yes, the fogginess and slight withdrawal is normal. The speaking problem is not (perhaps result of the ibogaine?).

      Rapid inpatient detox does not use ibogaine as it is a somewhat controversial approach, poorly studied, and not by any means the best choice. Not to mention the fact that loperamide is an atypical opioid; its interaction with Ibogaine is completely unknown and unstudied.

      I am so sorry that your family is dealing with this! You must be going through hell. Moreover, I sincerely hope you were able to get help for him. Please let me know how you are doing and if there is anything I can do to help. I’ll try to monitor my messages a little more closely. Please take care — MM

      • Arkady Rkd says:

        I have had moe than my fare share of tangoes with loperamide for one reason or another. Keep up the good work of spreading the word about loperamide. I am off opioids, opiates, and loperamide. I had withdrawal moderating effects at 20mg from a heroin and fentanyl addiction. A lot of it is a mind game. Talk to a doctor and maybe ask about gabapentin for withdrawal pains if anyone reading this needs help and support. gabapentin, clonidine and memantine helped me quit maany time and not use again. The real beast is the knowledge that youre smrt enough to figure to megadose loperamide along with inhibitors.

        I came to this Bit of knowledge when I was looking at abstracts on pubmed where lopermide definitely had cns effects on a child and another time on a dog.


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